Ruth Act III--New Isn't Perfect (Ruth 3-4)

Title: Ruth Act III–New Isn’t Perfect (Ruth 3-4)
Date: 02/15/2015 
Key Speaker: Amanda Wagoner-Meade 

We are reading the book of Ruth together as a church this month.  It’s an exciting spiritual journey rooted in the challenges and surprises of an ancient story of faith.

In Act III (chapters 3-4) we watch everyone engage in some pretty questionable behavior.  Naomi demands Ruth make herself physically vulnerable by offering herself to Boaz on the threshing floor late at night.  Ruth agrees to do it which may suggest there are unhealthy parts of her relationship to Naomi.  Boaz acts the gentlemen on the threshing floor but then basically tricks another kinsman out of some inheritance in order to marry Ruth.  Not a story of perfect people.  

And yet, as we see in the last verses of the book God brings something new into the world in spite of these characters.  Only God can break through all the brokenness, imperfections, pain and struggle of this story, and our own stories, with new life.  It’s kinda God’s thing.