About us

The Table is for Everyone

First Christian Church of Jeffersonville, also known as “FCC Jeff” is a Disciples of Christ faith community. We are a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world. As the one Body of Christ, we welcome all to the Lord’s Table as God has welcomed us.

We're located at 3209 Middle Road in Jeffersonville, Indiana
  • When is worship?
    10:30am Sunday morning
    9:30am Study Groups
  • What should I wear? You will find a wide variety form shorts to high heels in our pews so wear what makes you comfortable.

  • What should I expect when I arrive? We have greeters at the door who love to answer your questions. A Connect Team member (look for the red shirts) will be at our Welcome Center to give you a welcome gift. They will be glad to show you where to hang your coat, point out the bathrooms and how to find the nursery. Grab some coffee or water before the service begins. We do a special coffee fellowship before church on the 2nd Sunday of the month that will include donuts, fruits and other pastries, so come early!

  • Do you take communion? What about offering? We take communion each week. Communion will be passed around to you in the pews. We will eat the bread as it is passed, but hold onto the cup to drink together. Feel free to take part in communion. The table is for EVERYONE. We value generosity and collect offering each week. You are welcome to place an offering in the plate but if you are a guest do not feel obligated to do so.
  • Are you traditional or contemporary? You can find a wide range of music in our service both praise and hymns, sometimes even bluegrass, jazz or camp songs. We value making worship engaging for a wide range of people. We believe that being present over perfection is more important. Coming to church to worship God is joyful and should also be fun.

  • Have more questions? Feel free to email the church office at fcc3209@gmail.com or give us a call 812-282-1278. We’re happy to answer any questions you have!

Things to Know & FAQ’s

  • Who are Disciples of Christ?
    Our central practices and beliefs include:
    – We practice unity and inclusion at the Lord’s Table
    – We practice believer baptism
    – We are a movement for Christian Unity
    – We study scripture for ourselves
    – We answer God’s call to justice
  • To learn more – You can find more in depth information at our denominational website at www.disciples.org

Nursery & Youth Worship

  • What are the options for my children during service? We have a nursery available for babies and toddlers with two attendants.

    Children’s Blessing: Early in the worship service, children will be called down to the communion table, and blessed by the whole congregation before heading to programs to encourage their faith.
    For Kindergarten through 3 rd grade, we offer a Montessori based program, Worship and Wonder. During this time your children will learn the stories of the Bible and the elements of worship. (maybe link a video of one of the stories?)
    For 4 th and 5 th grade we offer Connect from Sparkhouse. Connect engages kids in God’s big story with quirky videos, hands-on activities, and Bible exploration.
    We also welcome children to remain in worship. We have worship boxes available to keep them involved during service. Each box includes a variety of activities such as coloring, puzzles, and clay and are changed-out often to keep them fresh and relevant to the message. If your child makes noises during service, that is
    just fine! We love the sounds of children in our church. 
    For 6 th -12 th grade, we offer a monthly service in the youth room.  Ask for our youth minister, Chad. He will be glad to show your child around and introduce them to other youth members in the church.

Our Staff

Melana Fischer, Office Manager

Melana Fischer, Office Manager

I am a Hoosier, born in Indiana. I graduated from Columbus East High School. I moved to Jeffersonville after I met my husband Drew who I met in 1988 at a friend’s hog roast. I married Drew in December of 1990 and we are blessed to have one daughter, Kaitlyn…